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About Fang Fight

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The Idea Behind 

Fang Fight

From an idea to a shirt to an official NFT collection. Welcome to Fang Fight Karate. Fang Fight is here to build the largest dojo ever for those fans of anything badass. Inspired by the 80s with a modern twist, if you own the shirt, you can soon own an NFT. The NFT's are inspired by the original design with additional merchandising and other items coming soon. Fang Fight has several series planned, so follow us on Twitter @ Fang_Fight and Instagram @ Fang_Fight_Nfts for the latest information on upcoming giveaways, new series, and new merchandise. Join the fight now. Fang Fight is excited to share the future vision we have for the series. This is exclusive by the Ramos Mecha brand.

Fang Fights future

Plans are to grow Fang Fight into gaming, your NFT will allow you to unlock special features. We will reveal additional details when we can secure funding to continue this project. Purchase your NFT today to help support the Fang Fight dojo and its growing projects.


Buy merchandising today this will help support growing the Fang fight Dojo into other areas of opportunities. Merchandise will include apparel-like Shirts, hats, and other items and non-apparel items that will include signs, stickers, key chains, etc to show off your love for Fang Fight Karate. Buy your items today.


Other items will include original music scores for future releases, collaborations with others on exclusives cross-over NFTs, and possible comics. The Fang Fight Dojo has limitless growth potential. Your support is critical and will help determine how quickly new projects will roll out.

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